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This is an amazing letter that was sent to people of Egypt by its own Baha'is

This is an amazing letter that was sent to people of Egypt by its own Baha'is:

(...) The challenge before us, then, is to initiate a process of consultation about the principles that are to inform the reshaping of our society. This is a painstaking task. To fashion from divergent conceptions a coherent set of principles with the creative power to unify our population will be no small accomplishment. However, we can be confident that every sincere effort invested for this purpose will be richly rewarded by the release, from our own selves, of a fresh measure of those constructive energies on which our future depends. In such a broadly based national conversation—engaging people at all levels, in villages and in cities, in neighbourhoods and in the home, extending to the grassroots of society and drawing in every concerned citizen—it will be vital that the process not move too quickly to the pragmatic and the expedient, and not be reduced to the deals and decisions involved in the distribution of power among a new elite who would presume to become the arbiters of our future.
      The ongoing and wide-scale involvement of the population in such a consultative process will go a long way towards persuading the citizenry that policy-makers have the creation of a just society at heart. Given the opportunity to participate in such a process, we will be confirmed in our newly awakened consciousness that we have ownership of our own future and come to realize the collective power we already possess to transform ourselves.

The Bahá’ís of Egypt, April 2011

(Mudando de assunto...)

Me parece interesante tenerlo, por si queremos compartirlo en casa con los amigos a los que invitamos, pues aunque la información no es mucha, sí se ve la diversidad y se contagia la alegría. Algunas de las frases que dicen pueden impactar sus almas y sus mentes, estoy segura.

Bueno, disfrutad de ello y un saludo,

Ana, 2011-04-11

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